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Figures and most goods

Purchasing from Asia

MFC Shops Database - Subject to >opinions, take everything with a grain of salt. is a website that monitors newly in-stock and pre-owned figures on Amiami and Mandarake, and sends email alerts based on your keywords. is a website that searches for your figure on most shops listed here at once and sorts the results by price. Also contains price charts and automatic stock alerts for premium users.

Buyfag store digest - Old document on payment and shipping details for the major shops that has largely been superseeded by the information below.

★ - The store is able to undervalue or mark your item as a gift, which may help avoid extra fees. For more details check out Country specific information

✦ - Handles VAT with IOSS (Import-One-Stop-Shop)

The “For sale in Japan only” disclaimer means jackshit. If it’s on the international site (except for things with batteries or alcohol), you can buy it. If the item is truly meant for domestic-only, AmiAmi does not even list the item on their international site. Charges domestic sales tax on most goods, which is hidden by the steep discounts. The main items that AmiAmi have at a higher price than other stores are Cospa brand goods, where they are unable to discount the items at all, so the sales tax is apparent. Updates at 13:00 JST. They rank their products from A-J, anything from A-B will be like new, Japanese are just autistic about this stuff. Their searching system can be quite bad, if you want to find a lewd figure or book, go into the mature section first or else they may not show up. Remember that your order total isn't final until you pay for your payment request, until then, you can always ask them to split or combine multiple payment requests from the same month or recalculate shipping charges if they seem excessive, or if a specific service like Surface (Premium) isn't available. The shipping service you select during checkout is often ignored, shipping costs and available shipping services are made available on the payment request page and NOT during initial checkout. You can see some images of the packaging here. Among the popular online stores, AmiAmi uses an unusually large amount of packing material so shipping may be a bit more expensive. Of course, this also means that it is very unlikely for your order to be damaged in transit.

November 2023: AmiAmi has been very slow to ship out orders due to low staff and a warehouse move, expect to wait 3-4 weeks between payment request and shipping notification, even for expedited shipping methods, surface orders are only marginally slower to ship and are less than half the price on any significant order over 3 items, so always pick boat!

A couple of anon have worked to make browsing amiami easier:

Preowned: anon made a page to make browsing the preowned section of amiami easier by separating recently added items. You can find it here. Don't forget to read the about popup before using it. May you have any questions/issues/want to help just poke Friendlyanon is a website that monitors newly in-stock and pre-owned figures on Amiami and Mandarake, and sends email alerts based on your keywords. The free version will have later notifications than the paid subscription, the more you pay the higher you are in the queue. Subscriptions start from $3/month.

There's a lot of folklore surrounding AmiAmi and account suspension, they are definitely less lenient than most when it comes to cancelling preorders. If you do it too often they will start denying cancellations, and once they come in stock, repeatedly ignoring payment requests past the deadline plus the unwritten grace period (1 week) will result in a ban. Asking to cancel payment requests is still far better than ignoring them but you'll be on thin ice. Also on the off-chance that 2 or more people at the same address are unknowingly ordering 1 per household items independently of each other is also grounds for a ban because this is impossible to differentiate from scalper behavior. Bans are based on name, full address and credit card information so don't expect to make a new account to evade bans.

Slightly poor quality control on verifying character and series names, can take some stock requests, discounts Cospa goods. They are lenient about cancellations, letting you cancel up until you get a payment request for preorders. They allow customers the option to hold unshipped purchases/preorders indefinitely up to 6 months for free in their "private warehouse", allowing flexible combined shipping, they like to prod you to ship sooner rather than later with occasional discounts on shipping rates. You can ignore the days in warehouse countdown timer because it won't actually auto-ship. They will urge you to ship or refund unshipped merchandise after 6 months, they have only so much storage space at their Sano warehouse and they cite rampant abuse from gaijin as a reason to limit the storage period. Throughout the pandemic, the private warehouse benefit was unlimited duration, and before that, you were given a 2 month window to combine shipping on purchases before they auto-shipped. You can see some images of the packaging here. Always set your display and payment currency to JPY as their payment processor Reach has 20-25% worse foreign exchange rates than your CC issuing bank.

Usually slightly more expensive than HLJ and more recently, slightly cheaper than AmiAmi. They often hold sales which have a limited stock which disappears quickly.

Low prices for some items (even lower than Amiami sometimes), limited/exclusive figures are sold, they accept upfront payments and have proxy and forwarding services. It will take a very long time to receive a response to an email, if they ever do. If you wish to have a package undervalued, then ask them to value to a specific amount in the comment section of the order.

Mandarake sells preowned items including figures, doujin goods, character goods and more. Their stock is updated several times every day which includes stores in several different locations. In most cases, they will list the condition of a figure in its title. Due to Japanese autism, they will often list the item as "Box damaged" which usually means that it has been breathed on by someone. Check the pictures of the item, if there is any serious damage it will be listed there. Make sure to search with Japanese names for things (you can still do so on the English site), their translation software is pretty garbage. International shipping is available; you must use the English site to enter a non-Japanese address. Mandarake is no longer able to undervalue for you. Alerts can be awkward, therefore it is recommended to use in order to track items you hope will appear.

Mandarake is an mail-order shop, that means when you hit order, you are ordering merchandise located at different physical stores and not from any central warehouse. Even though they recently opened the SAHARA online-only "store" location with a greater selection than their other stores, shipping can only be combined if all items in your order are from the same store, otherwise, expect to pay for separate shipping from each store.

Items listed as a "store-front" item are not guaranteed to be in stock, someone has to manually check when you click order, which is why they have the option to auto-cancel an order if one or more of your desired items is sold out.

In regard to their antiquated mail-order operations, they are not in a hurry to modernize, as domestic shipping is far cheaper within Japan, and they are not interested in expanding their appeal to foreign customers. It's possible that they do this knowing that foreign customers would clean out their pre-owned inventory far faster than they can replenish it if they offered cheap combined shipping like other stores, forcing Japanese customers to complete with foreign customers over the same limited stock. As it currently stands, desirable listings often sell out before the E-Mail product alerts can reach your inbox, cheap shipping would only make it worse.

Bad store turned scammers. They have shut so if you have outstanding paid pre-orders contact your bank.

Chinese shop, garage kits (recasts) and some exclusive pre-painted recasts. Quality varies. A lot of their newer recasts are recasts of recasts, if purchasing a garage kit then read the garage kit section below. One unique aspect of e2046 are their Gathering figures which are painted garage kits, usually requiring very minor assembly such as putting an arm in place. The packaging for these is excellent however the paint job is very hit or miss with some very poor work for the price paid.

Usually the best place to buy GSC exclusives due to their flat 2000 JPY EMS rate. Nope, not anymore. They revamped their global website and the base shipping fee is $18 USD now. They will charge you automatically when your item is due to be released. If the charge fails, you will need to message them for an invoice. If you order multiple figures with different release dates at once then they will charge you when the first item ships, however they will only charge shipping once.

Much like GSC store, you can now pre-order Native products directly from them, sadly they don’t ship to as many countries as GSC store. While most of the time the store sells pre-orders, occasionally it does sell in-stock items of previously released figures. As always be sure to read their help guide before you try to place an order. Native pre-orders have recently also become available at amiami which could be a convenient alternative if you already have open orders there.

You can sometimes find stuff that are sold out at the other big sites here. Almost all shipping options out there are available. Also CDs, DVDs, and games. Does not include Japanese consumption tax. Cheapest site for smaller items if you abuse coupons and pick SAL. For some products, such as CDs then they are willing to mark the item as a gift which may allow you to avoid extra fees. You can see some images of the packaging here

Also CDs, DVDs, and Games. They are usually overpriced and items may be listed as available on their website which are actually out of stock.

Updates every day starting at 21:00 JST. Item quality is listed on the page, similar to Amiami's rating system. Prices can vary from being overpriced to under market prices depending on the figure. While ordering, there will be an option to send as a gift/devalue your package. They recently migrated their backend to a new system and in the process jumbled up the EN/JP descriptions and titles of all items. If you can't find something, try searching for the original Japanese title and vice versa for English. Takes a while to start shipping if you order products from different warehouses in the same order, so pay attention to the city the product is currently in.

There are claims from a few years ago that they have been sending out bootlegs, ask for photos of whatever you're buying and check the photos against user photos on MFC. They often will have rarer items available, however they will be very expensive. Be aware that their new products have arrived with the figure damaged and in very bad condition. Their preowned products have also been very poor even with high ratings, there have been examples of figures rated 4.5 stars arriving covered in scratches or in disgusting condition. They appear to often have significant delays in shipping out products. Their friendly invoice system allows you to value packages at what you want. There is a sales section on the front page that will update with new items around once a month. They have partnered with MFC and will advertise if they have an item available in the comments section.

Able to easily check out yourself (they take credit/debit cards and PayPal) and use a forwarding service. Used items are generally near perfect condition, but don’t be surprised if keychains come without their outermost packaging or batteries are missing from the clock. Actually used goods are marked Rank B (roughly equivalent to AmiAmi Rank C). Cheaper than their Rakuten storefront. Free domestic shipping starts at 1500 yen, constant time sales and combo sales (buy 5 items of same category to get 5% off, etc). They charge a 240 yen transaction fee for orders under 5000 yen for orders at their main warehouse (the one with the 1500 yen free shipping). They ship everything in huge boxes regardless of order size so take that into consideration. Here is a guide for using BiJ with Suruga-ya, use latin character for your name instead of kanji though, like BiJ's faq says. The website also allows you to buy from the physical stores or partner stores as well which have different shipping rates and packaging.

Ships outside of Japan without a forwarder but has a smaller selection of goods and grossly inflated prices of 25% or higher over the domestic site, they have a price minimum so ¥50 yen TCG singles will be marked up to ¥500 (1000% markup!)

Shopping on the .jp site via forwarding service is still recommended, they use the same space-wasting boxes for international orders and your shipping fees will be exorbitant unless they are currently having one of their frequent """"""Only Now!""""" free shipping weekends. When you account for the 25% markup, the free shipping may still work out as a considerable discount on DHL/EMS shipping, especially for large or heavy items like books or tapestries, but still be sure to compare prices.

Their machine translation is impressively bad, look up series or character names in Japanese if you have issues. Try to pay with PayPal in JPY unless your cart has R-18 items, they will randomly cancel "high value orders" over ¥7000 from new accounts paying with foreign CCs directly and then not tell you until a week later. Communication is slow and often borders on word soup, they use the same machine translation as the rest of the site, they'll lowball you if you request refunds on damaged/not as described items so never accept their first offer.

Recommended for heavier books since they have flat rate shipping. Any items that show up under the AmazonGlobal対象 option can be shipped overseas (non R-18 books/CD/BD/DVD/some figures); all other items will require using a proxy service. If you have a cheap and good proxy, Amazon JP has some of the most aggressive discount systems. Do not use a forwarder unless you know exactly what you’re doing. To see what items are available for overseas shipping, select AmazonGlobal対象 from the menu on the left after making a search. Note that rarely add items to the AmazonGlobal対象 category. A selection of items are available at the AmazonGlobal OTAKU Store. If you order from them directly in this way keep in mind that their packaging is often very unsuitable for international shipping (e.g. lack of padding) and several anons have reported their items arriving damaged, so either accept the risk or use a proxy/forwarder that will repack your stuff better. Camelcamelcamel allows you to track figures on Amazon JP and it will give you an alert when a price drops. Has cancelled people's preorders in the past, but chances are relatively low. Appears to be blocking viewing of adult items from non-Japanese ip addresses. Browsing requires VPN and clearing cookies.

This will require a proxy or forwarder. If you are looking to purchase a figure that has already been released or character goods of some sort, then there is a good chance that someone will be selling it here. All goods are usually purchased from a person, rather than a store which means you are not able to guarantee the quality of the item you receive. You must check the feedback of the person you are purchasing from.

Most Japanese online stores like Animate or Movic now currently accept foreign credit cards for all items while offering domestic shipping, so you just need a forwarding service.

One of the biggest market places for selling used items online in Japan. A great place to start your search for already released items.

A store that mainly sells figures. Primarily based in Hong Kong, although their web site states they are located in Japan and the United States as well. They are terrible at communication and processing orders, even sometimes shipping orders without giving you tracking and/or without updating your orders page. Their packaging can also be sub-par. While you will receive an authentic figure, their order processing as a whole is terrible, so they should be avoided except as a last resort.

Tokyo based small shop. Barebones interface, but they stock many older figures typically in very good condition or sealed/brand new. As a result, prices skew higher compared to other stores, but that may be worth it for rarer figures. Do note that original purchase bonuses are not included unless explicitly mentioned on the listing.

The following need updated, however they are not necessarily worse than the above. Those who update the guide simply do not have experience with them and so are not able to add information about them. If you do use them, please update with any information or post the information in the buyfag thread where it will hopefully be seen.

Store opened in 2019 from Osaka. Has new and second hand figures, cards, videogames.

Another store located in Osaka. Sometimes has pre-orders up earlier than other stores with competitive prices, even limited/exclusives from WonderFest and P-Bandai. The customer support is almost null.

Purchasing from the US

Most US stores import wholesale via container ship and receive their stock 1-3 months after Japanese release date. For most items that aren't prize figures and prize plushes, buying and preordering from import retailers in the US is more expensive than ordering from Japan via expedited air, you will be paying Japanese distributor retail + western importer retail markup and then receive the slowest domestic shipping available. They pocket the savings in shipping costs and charge you as if you paid for expedited air from Japan and you will still end up receiving your orders later than if you had ordered from Japan directly and used the slowest shipping mode available (surface parcel).

Higher than average figure prices but has free shipping on orders over $150. The only site with a decent points system stateside. They will issue bonus points on holiday orders and during summer sales. They will spam you with promo emails if you subscribe and their boxes are obnoxious. Better than average customer service. They have both Japanese and US based warehouses. They launched a scam "PREMIUM SERVICE" in 2017. The math was worked out and the only conceivable scenario where the membership saves you money is if you purchase multiple figures monthly. It's probably worth waiting for their coupons they send out a few times per year or there is a high chance you'll be paying more and waiting longer compared to importing from Japan.

One of the only stores in the US that sells preowned figures online, they also operate a service that allows you to sell your figures to them. Their preowned prices vary, items which are lower-priced tend to be competitive to Japanese prices however higher-priced items can be more expensive than standard Japanese stores. Make sure to check their item descriptions, the rating may show an item as "A" but the item description may state that there is a smudge on the figure. Shipping is $5.99 per figure if you live in the US (excluding Alaska and Hawaii).

I know, I know, >CR, but the daily deals on statues and exclusives are generally good. Will sometimes run 20-25% off coupon specials. Premium+ Members get free shipping. You can snag Premium+ using a CR 2-day guest pass right before you order. They have a presence on MFC and will sometimes advertise if they have an item available in the comments section. The sites store search feature is buggy, there have been cases where figures were not accessible browsing but could be directly linked to via MFC.

Bought out by Crunchyroll, who immediately started price gouging what was left of Rightstuf's physical media selection.

Official direct retailer for GSC and GSC-partner products, and because of this is usually the cheapest US option. Shipping starts at $5 for pre-order items, and starts at $10 for in-stock items. Also have an Amazon storefront.

Official direct retailer for Kotobukiya. They offer most of their exclusive variant figures, so it is cheaper to get them here rather than paying a JP proxy. Goods there are generally priced as if 100 yen = $1. Also have an Amazon storefront.

A store owned and operated by Kotobukiya. Expect to see stuff from Koto and other companies here as well as western brands.

Official retailer for Aniplex products. They sell some of their exclusives if you don't want to use a JP proxy, and also offer some bonus exclusive nendoroid parts. May have a free shipping sale. Also have an Amazon storefront.

Site looks like fucking shit, but it’s legit. Also have an Amazon storefront. If you sign up for their mailing list they send 10-15% off coupon codes often. Ignore their 5% off and wait for higher coupons.

Another legit option, but can be more expensive than most other sites even with their $4 flat shipping.

Carries most things seen on other stores. It's a good place to preorder prize figures. Recently they changed their preorder policy so that full payments are due at checkout. Also has a $5 flat shipping but be sure to check prices beforehand.

Website with few filtering options so aimless browsing is difficult, certain in-stock and pre-orders may have tiny discounts (1-6%), and has free shipping within the US with no order minimum. This can make them to be the cheapest option out of all the US shops at times.

Last resort for scales, more better for action figures such as figuarts. Avoid making pre-orders from non-JP Amazon as they are unreliable with stock and may cancel it. Plus, recently many figures have be removed due to being alerted as 'child exploitation.' So ask buyf/a/gs if you’re unsure. Typically if the seller isn’t from China or somewhere similar, it’s safe to buy something in-stock. Be sure to stick with vendors that are “fulfilled by Amazon”.

If you see an item on, or any other Amazon sites, sometimes (but not always) you can access the same item on Amazon Japan by changing the "" part of the URL to "" (And vice versa), which can be useful in comparing price and shipment option across different Amazon sites.

If you want to start a bootleg collection. Absolute last resort: Only buy from Japanese and North American sellers without Chinese-sounding names. Avoid China/Taiwan/Hong Kong sellers. Ask buyf/a/gs if you’re unsure. Even then it’s not infallible if they’re posting stock photos. Read Ebay for a more detailed writeup.

The following need updated, however they are not necessarily worse than the above. Those who update the guide simply do not have experience with them and so are not able to add information about them. If you do use them, please update with any information or post the information in the buyfag thread where it will hopefully be seen.

Purchasing from Europe

French Euro store. Ships worldwide. Well priced and sometimes sells limited editions.

UK based store. Prices are unsurprisingly more expensive than shipping from Japan. Ships to EU and limited non-EU countries.

UK based. Free tracked shipping within the UK. Pre-orders require a 10% deposit. Orders can be cancelled if they haven't shipped yet.

Has a physical store in Birmingham, UK. Normie-bait; often seen selling Pocky at conventions. Typically overpriced. Also sells their own brand of clothing/merchandise. Featured in that video about autism.

Germany based store. Ships worldwide, and has a flat shipping fee. They use appropriate padding in their packages. Is a Good Smile Company partner so it has some GSC exclusives, but they carry some other exclusives sometimes as well.

Spanish store with competitive prices. Has a physical store in Barcelona. Ships around Europe with VAT included.

Belgium based store. Offers EMS shipping around Europe. Mostly figures and localised (USA/UK) DVDs/manga.

Garage kits

You will most likely not be available to purchase these from the original seller, as the majority of them are event only. This means that your main options will be purchasing preowned or a recast.


This site lets circles and other independent creators sell their own products, including garage kits and pre-painted figures. A Buyee account is however required.


This will require a proxy or forwarder, you can sometimes buy preassembled and painted garage kits for a high price here in addition to kits.

This will require a proxy or forwarder Here is a guide for using BiJ with Suruga-ya.

Occasionally kits can pop up here.

Similar to Mandarake, do not expect to purchase very many from here.


Note: ALL recast sites are inherently bootleg and unauthorized. Genuine Garage Kits are almost always offered in limited quantities.

Sells recasts for decent prices from a site that’s pure 1998, complete with flashing "new" tags in rainbow colors (which doesn't even have its own domain).

A well-organized site for recasts, with clear status messages regarding their stock status. Also offer GK tools, accessories (such as bases), and eye decals (some kits, marked “Antihero” for some reason, include eye decals specifically). Excellent figure search filtering which can hide Adult figures (or limit searches to only Adult *wink*). Good customer service in English. "Gathering" offers assembled and pre-painted kits.


A more complete dakimakura guide is hosted at The following information may be outdated/incorrect compared to it therefore it is recommended to read it.


Fairly comprehensive record of released dakis with basic artist/circle details and original purchase links. Do note that it may include releases from chinese circles, so do not assume that linked stores sell genuine covers.


Where to purchase:

Search for “pillow”.

Search for “dakimakura”.

Search for “huggable pillow cover”.

Only sells bootleg dakimakura.

Custom dakimakura, bootlegs.

Many artists on Twitter and Pixiv sell their covers here. You will need to use a Proxy service to order from here.

A webshop for a a western doujin dakimakura circle aimed at the international market. They can do custom cover printing and also have a commission service albeit expensive.

US-based doujin dakimakura circle that ships to customers worldwide. They sell dakimakura inner pillows for a decent price too.

A webshop based in Taiwan. Has exclusive works made by the site owner as well as selling those of other artists. Ships internationally.

Custom dakimakura:

eBay seller that offers custom covers.

Hobby Heart’s custom dakimakura.


Filthy bastards that only ship in Burgerland. Very cheap.

The DHR7000H is of the most premium of inner pillows. Look for DHR5000 instead for a 150x50cm version. You may need to use a proxy service to order this but some users have been able to order without one.

Cheap Chinese pillow from a reputable seller. Free shipping.

We recommend that you try picking up a pillow from a local bedroom/household goods store (e.g. Bed Bath & Beyond), since you can squeeze and pick out a pillow with your preferred softness level in person. You wouldn’t need to pay a rape shipping price on a giant pillow from overseas. The pillow size should be the same size as your cover. If it’s too big or too small, the art will be stretched out or wrinkled. Always buy a white pillow. Remember, no one can see the pillow anymore once it’s inside the dakimakura case.



Amazon has the best CD and BD/DVD discounts and work out to be the cheapest generally when buying in bulk, although they don’t ship 18+ material internationally. When buying from others, just remember printed matter is generally very heavy. Also, different stores carry different kinds of products and have different shipping rate tables. For example, buying artbooks through Amazon JP or HLJ with Fedex shipping may be the best option when express shipping is desired. For the absolute cheapest ship rates, Honto offers sea shipping, but keep in mind that it is slow, not insured, and not trackable.

DHL only.

EMS only.

EMS, SAL, Airmail, Sea. Registering and buying guide: 01 02 03.

EMS, FedEx, SAL, Airmail. International version of Neowing.

Markups obviously, but you can do special request orders and free shipping >$100.

Responds to requests. Slow to stock, however.

Manga & Light Novels (in English, German, etc.) with free shipping almost worldwide.

Great deals if you can ever visit their brick and mortar stores.

Recommended for licensed media.

Often have good deals on DVD’s and manga.

List of Japanese releases with English subs here.

Music CDs:

Ships J-Core and other Japanese EDM overseas.

Video games

Purchase localized games from whatever shop is near you or online. If you need a guide for this then you may be suffering from more important problems.

If you’re looking to import untranslated games there are deceptively few reliable options. Shipping is likely to be expensive regardless, but a few good places are:

Only for new preorders. If something is sold out it’s probably not going to restock.

An old favorite. Reliable, but slow to ship.

Preowned Media

It will often be cheaper to purchase media, especially BDs and DVDs, preowned.

Mandarake sells preowned items including figures, doujin goods, character goods and more. Their stock is updated several times every day which includes stores in several different locations. In most cases, they will list the condition of an item in it's title. Due to Japanese autism, they will often list the item as "Box damaged" which usually means that it has been breathed on by someone. Check the pictures of the item, if there is any serious damage it will be listed there. Make sure to search with Japanese names for things, their translation software is pretty garbage. Mandarake is no longer guaranteed to undervalue for you, this picture gives a list of stores someone has made of stores that may be willing to undervalue for you.

Doujin goods

The major doujin stores in Japan to surf:

Mandarake is a good place to get doujinshi (and merchandise in general) from, but their catalog is mostly limited to pre-owned items (opened or new and sealed). But don’t worry, they are picky enough to detect hotglue, stains and any sort of damage in the products they sell, so go ahead and buy. Must be paid for by your credit card if listed for adults. DHL is amazing for doujinshi because it can end up being cheaper than EMS and SAL and still be faster. Try asking for all shipping quotes in the comment section of your order.

Will ship to some forwarders and proxies. Your proxy will let you know if they can or cannot take orders from them.

Allows international credit cards to be used, but does not ship internationally. You must use a fowarder/proxy. There's a small guide from Melonbooks on how to navigate the site. Requires a JP phone number for account verification when you try to buy anything. They used to allow foreigners to bypass the verification with a customer service request, but reportedly they have stopped allowing this. As a result, new accounts without a JP number will probably not be able to purchase anything directly and you will need a proxy buying service in addition to forwarding.

English options and ships overseas, official distributor but with limited selection.

Not much of a webstore, but nice for visiting in person.

Has many old, hard to find doujinshi and other doujin goods. Doesn’t state conditions, although most are passable. There is a barcode sticker on the doujinshi that can be peeled off without leaving any residue if done slowly. Paperback doujinshi come in plastic bags to prevent the sticker from damaging the doujinshi. Use a forwarding service. The checkout process is simple. Do NOT use their overseas Rakuten storefront. They handle orders done through it very slowly because it’s #3 in priority (main site then Japan-only Rakuten storefront), and with proxy fees the main store still ends up being cheaper than their Rakuten storefront because of the forced EMS and the markups. Here is a guide for using BiJ with Suruga-ya

This will require a proxy or forwarder. All goods will be second hand, with no guarantee of quality. To see previously sold or listed goods, use aucfan. The functionality is limited with a regular account but you can at least see when and how often the item you are looking for is listed.


For directly buying new h-manga from a store that ships overseas.

They offer SAL, but their catalogue has sudden omissions at times. With Honto you must search explicitly for adult items (本>アダルト), otherwise adult items will not be found by a search. Registering and buying guide: Honto guide part one.png Honto guide part two.png Honto guide part three.png

They have a wider selection, but you only have EMS at your disposal.

A second option is to use a forwarding service. If used correctly, it’s the cheapest way to import your h-manga, especially in combination with Amazon as they offer free shipping within Japan.

Since H-manga are towards the expensive end of the manga price range and a lot of older H-manga are out-of-print, it might be worth looking at second-hand options like those mentioned in the Doujin goods section.

Plastic model kits

Many kits can be found in the first section of this page, below is an alternate American store:

Custom goods

There are a number of stores which allow you to print your own custom design on items, this is usually for posters with regards to buyfagging.


They accept copyrighted materials, always check their deals/discounts.

Accepts most file types, vector or raster. Same-day printing and blind shipping option.

For the Ausfags who don’t want to be charged insane shipping prices. They do canvas printing and stretching and photo printing and framing.

Don’t bother with Artscow unless it’s free, seriously.

You can get decent frames from Amazon, just be sure to read the reviews: 20x28 20x30, etc.

Miscellaneous goods

Operated by /k/, this is a list of their patch sites and other misc merchandise that they make. Some of which is /a/ related and obviously includes patches, wooden boards, stickers and other items.

Run by /o/, this is a list of their sticker sites. You can find their threads here.


Rape prices but high-quality goods, especially for their cosplay line of goods.

For the /a/thletes into cycling, Amiami has their own spin-off brand of jerseys featuring characters from Anohana, Idolm@ster, Madoka, and Feudal Anime With Cute Girls #2432. Prices are around 12-14k and sizes go all the way up to 4XL. Be sure to check the sizing chart for measurements if you’re not sure about where you fit.

A webshop that sells streetwear-esque clothing and accessories. The items are designed by six artists/brands, one notably being Hayashida Q with her shop having items based off the Dorohedoro manga series. Princes can range from 2k all the way up to 40k.

Another site with a number of artists featured. While most of their items are iphone cases with Japanese artwork or photography there are a few shirts available, some featuring art from Osamu Tezuka, Suehiro Maruo and Shintaro Kago. Prices are rather low compared to other anime-apparel shops.

/fa/ approved clothing company, although they probably wouldn’t agree when it comes to graphic tees. They sell t-shirts based off of some Shounen Jump manga (particularly One Piece) and franchises like Neon Genesis Evangelion and Mobile Suit Gundam. You might notice after checking out their UK and US sites that these items are only released in their Japanese online shop and stores, although some have a tendency to appear on Ebay (As a warning I can’t confirm if these are imitations though).

Websites like Amiami, HLJ and Hobbylink also sell t-shirts for various anime when they’re airing. Most of them are pretty standard looking with official artwork and have first come, first serve pre-orders. Because of this they usually sell out or go on backorder immediately after their release.

Adult goods

The NEETs at /jp/ have created a guide for purchasing adult toys, take advantage of it.


There are several stores which sell boxes/booster packs of cards:

However, if you are looking for specific cards or if the stock has run out, then it will be necessary to use one of the following stores. Use one of the proxy or forwarding services to order from these:

Buying Japanese cards is an expensive hobby by nature, but it is possible to get a really nice collection on any budget if you know where to shop and keep an eye out for deals.

They sell everything trading card related, from singles from any game you can imagine to sleeves to storage boxes to booster packs. If you're looking for something very specific they probably won't have it, but if they do it will be half the price you can get it anywhere else. Mandarake has expensive shipping, so it's most practical to buy from them when you're already purchasing something else from them that's bulky/heavy, like books or figures. It's also much better to place all of your order from one of their storefronts so you only have to pay shipping once. (SAHRA has the biggest selection.)

Amazon will sell you anything sealed that came out recently at MSRP, and anything older than that at a small mark up. Hit the "International Shipping Available" option on the sidebar to restrict the offers to things you can actually purchase. The shipping is expensive, but they offer combined shipping, so if you buy a bunch of stuff at the same time they have cheaper shipping than anywhere else. Amazon is ideal for things like structure decks or booster boxes but isn't very good for singles or individual packs. Amazon is the best place to buy character sleeves online and has a solid number of deck boxes too.

    • Be sure to check the information of ブランド (Brand) under item name, and 出荷元 (Ships from) as well as 販売元 (Sold by) information below the purchase button, and click into the 販売元 button to check the location of the seller, by checking the spelling of the name of the person responsible, address, and telephone country code (+86 would mean seller from China).

Ebay is Ebay, but if you're looking to make a deal this is the place to go. Ebay has a good selection of singles but poor prices. If you're looking for just a small number of specific cards you really really want Ebay is a good place to start. You can buy individual packs but usually well above MSRP. The best deals available are for mixed lots, but don't touch anything with a twelve foot pole unless you know exactly which cards you're buying. Remember the basics of Ebay: always comparison shop, always be informed, and if it looks too good to be true, it always is.

Troll and Toad has a very small collection of Japanese cards, almost all of them Pokemon. They offer dirt cheap shipping on singles and I've seen the occasional crazy deal, so they're worth a glance.