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Read the terms of service very carefully.

Before using any of these services, you must make sure that you completely understand how their service works. Do not be the idiot that orders an 18+ product to a forwarder, then complains when they do not allow it to be shipped. Make sure that you read their website often to make sure that their service hasn't changed. This is just a list of various services, with some advantages and disadvantages to some.

Proxy - Someone who buys your shit for you, for a fee of course, and then sends it to you. Proxy services vary in what they offer and what their fees are, so it’s in your interest to investigate them and find the one that best suits you. Used in conjunction with sites where you can’t pay directly or when you don’t feel confident about your moonspeak to place your order.

Forwarding - Use when you can pay for your items but you need a Japanese address. You pay for the item and have it sent to the domestic address of the service. The forwarder then sends the item to you, for a fee.

★ - The store is able to undervalue or mark your item as a gift, which may help avoid extra fees. For more details check the Country specific information section.

✦ - Handles VAT with IOSS (Import-One-Stop-Shop)

List of proxies & forwarders

Subject to >opinions, take everything with a grain of salt.

Partnered with Yahoo! Auction Japan, so if you use Y!AJ and click the Buying from Overseas option, this is what you'll be using. They are very simple and easy to use; however, they charge 500 yen per item to consolidate your package, which will quickly add up. Will store your items for 90 days. What they do with it after time runs out is unknown.

Since October 24, 2022 it wont undervalue any kind of shipping.

Easy to use, and allow you to bid for things yourself or place a sniper bid. They charge 300 yen per item plus a 3.5% money transfer fee. Their packaging is very good. Their site's search function is not the greatest and it occasionally misses items, so it's recommended that you use the Japanese website when looking through Y!AJ and the like, then pasting the URL into Zenmarket. They charge no consolidation fee for combining items. Will hold your item for free for 45 days; after this, a per-day charge applies. They offer to take 5 photos for 500 yen per item in glorious potato quality. Slow to answer their messaging system, so if you have something that needs to be dealt with quickly, use their support section. They support instant Mercari purchases which work 80-90% of the time.

Good customer service and packaging, and they deal with adult items too. They might be slow to tell you when they get your order, but if you email them and ask them they usually ship it really soon after your email. They allow you to use Paypal when purchasing adult items. They do not allow you to ship loli/shota goods.

Ordering and auctioning high-quality Japanese items for customers is one of our major operations. As a cross-border E-commerce firm, Janbox have established ourselves as one of the most reliable partners with a variety of businesses not only in Japan but also throughout the world. Help customers buy, auction, and ship billions of products from Japan, USA. Send goods to more than 220 countries around the world quickly, conveniently, optimize shipping costs with free repack service.

Shipping can be expensive but the package is usually well protected as a result. It's easy to use and they are very quick to respond if there are any issues. You can bid in real time or place a sniper bid which can be freely edited or cancelled until 10 minutes before the auction ends. Does let not let you buy adult goods. They also support instant Mercari purchases. Efficacy rate is unknown.

Here is a guide for using BiJ with Suruga-ya use latin character for your name instead of kanji though, like BiJ's faq says. When using as a forwarder, purchase a ticket and list what items you are purchasing and from what store. If you are using them as a proxy, then read this page and follow the instructions.

Their fees are on the higher side when you consider that they charge a flat 250 JPY handling fee per store in addition to their 250 JPY commission fee, but and their customer service is good and can undervalue your items. Bidding is in real-time, or you can place a sniper bid (which can't be cancelled). They will only undervalue up to 70% of the original price unless you register as a business user. It is easy to become a business user but is not worth it since it locks you out of using Paypal. Currently will not ship "adult items" such as onaholes using DHL or Fedex.

Very quick and easy-to-use. Simply add the URLs of items you want them to buy and get an instant estimate. Usually their fees are 9.9%, but they occasionally discount them to around 8%, such as during summer. They also charge a $1 fee per unique item and $4 fee per shop. Gives you the option of pre-approving domestic shipping to speed up your order. The pre-paid amount is 800 yen per shop, and the overpayment will be refunded to you. They will handle adult goods. They don't seem to be as heavily used as other proxies, which means Y!AJ sellers who do not wish to sell to gaijin will most likely not have blocked them yet.

A forwarding service launched by the same people behind White Rabbit Express, so you can probably expect the same standards mentioned above. You can log in with the same credentials on both sites. Blackship will send you a photo of your package when it arrives so you know which shop it came from (but the photos can be rather blurry sometimes). Be careful of their fees - there appear to be lots of them. They allow you to enter your own customs value before shipping. Adult goods are OK. Upon registration you are required to submit a picture of an identifying document showing your full name, date of birth, address, and the document's expiry date (if applicable). You can safely censor all other information (such as pictures, gender, signature, etc.) when submitting.

They charge 500 yen per item and 500 yen for consolidation (per package). They offer free insurance for all packages and editable customs declaration for those who need to avoid taxes. [No longer freely editable. There is a slider with a number which decreases the value by up to 80% (if you change it, your shipping options are restricted) and you are stuck with whatever wrong item name they choose for you; they can also split up your item into different (possibly wrong) components, so it's a mess] Adult goods are OK. Not anymore

Offers both proxy and forwarding options. I haven't used it as a proxy but doesn't seem to be worth as it seems it's at least 1000 yen per item minimum + handling fee. As a forwarder it is one of the cheapest since the handling fees are cheap and there is free package consolidation with one month of free storage. Also offers printed matters as a shipping option. Main drawback is absolute abysmal interface and they don't show weight of items until package is consolidated.

The following need updated; however, they are not necessarily worse than the above. Those who update the guide simply do not have experience with them and so are not able to add information about them. If you do use them, please update with any information or post the information in the buyfag thread where it will hopefully be seen.