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I feel this is speculative, misleading and unfair. Would you please consider revising it? >Blackship >...Be careful of their fees, there appear to be a large amount of them.

"Be careful" implies Blackship fees are high (or possibly lack transparency) when in fact Blakcship fees are lower than other forwarding services, like Tenso. There's so reason to imply users should "be careful" about the number of small fees. It's the total that matters. Do we need to consolidate our fees into a single line item for you to remove this warning?

Goody-Japan and Adult Items

I recently (February 2020) bought an adult doujinshi using Goody-Japan and had no problems at all getting it. I asked their customer service if it was okay beforehand, so it's not like they didn't know what it was. But it was a pretty innocuous yuri doujinshi. YMMV.

Different guy than above. I have been buying and shipping plenty of adult items through Goody-Japan including straight up hardcore R18 doujins from toranoana. I've also gotten wall scrolls depicting literal intercourse, eroge, and etc lewd items for well over 2 years up to and including recently (June 2020). I think you can take their "Prohibited item" list as sorta a covering their ass thing and not actually something they actively look to enforce.

just change it then lmao

Buyee and Adult Items I've had inconsistent experiences buying 18+ items through Buyee. They will not fulfill any 18+ items I buy from Surugaya, but they have bought them from other stores. So be advised about that.


I believe Sendico might not allow loli/shota (looking items) either as they cancelled a dakimakura order request of mine without any explaination.