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February: Wonder Festival (Wonfes) / AOU (Amusement Operators Union) Prize Fair

March: Banpresto Hakurankai (Banpaku) and Deform-paku

April: Miyazawa Model Exhibition

May: Treasure Festa

Late May: Megahobby Expo

Late July: Wonder Festival (Wonfes)

Mid August: Comic Market (Comiket)

Late August: Chara (C3) Hobby

October: Treasure Festa

November: Tamashii Nation and other Tamashii branded events, Miyazawa Model Exhibition

Late November: Megahobby Expo

December: Treasure Festa

Late December: Comic Market (Comiket)

Wonder Festival

Wonder Festival (Wonfes) is a biannual event which has many Manufacturers revealing new figures as well as displaying those which now have prototypes, are now colored and some which have been released. There will also be many Garage Kits shown and sold at this event, which sometimes appear on auction sites after the event. There will be a large amount of new figures revealed at this event, in order to see a decent amount of them, following either the twitter tag for the event or reading the buyfag threads is recommended. During Wonfes the threads will move very quickly and you should not post any image that is not related to the event due to the image limit.

The following websites will help either during the event or after the event:

  • Dengeki Hobby - This is a Japanese website, but it is apparently the quickest at listing everything shown.
  • MFC - During/after each event, a list will be made on MFC of every new figure which was shown at the event. This list will link to the database page of each figure, which makes it's easier to find out information on each figure.

In the weeks following the event there are many blogs and websites where higher resolution and quality images are uploaded: