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Sounds good, let me know if you need any help with anything.

Can the undervalue page be called something else? I'm thinking something along the lines of "Country specific information" as it better reflects what is actually on there.

Understood, I'm enabling it on the front page as well

Ahh yes I'm sorry about that, the Getting Started page is now able for editing, I had used the docs main titles for the topics as the names for the pages so I understand if you think they aren't the names they should really be. I'm not quite sure about the discussion page. I'll look into it more so today. I'm adding a few more parts of the doc today such as the glossary.

Excellent, I really appreciate the help in this a lot man, really I truly do.

I thought about adding a forum with chat as well. I'm good as customizing and web development. But thought it would be too much for something that's just a wiki for buyfags. I'm setting up an IRC on mibbit to use and I'll link it here.


Yes I set up a permanent channel for our IRC on mibbit. Using, or the irc here: irc://

I'll also look into the captcha, I'll work on making it the "Are you a robot" up-to-date one as well so thank you for telling me that. I agree we should set up a to-do list on what needs to be done and keep in touch a bit faster than now.

Not a problem, It looks really good, and focuses on things we really need done. I added two things I'll be doing on the technical side. This sunday I'll publish the page with all our site's statistics for the Guide and fixing the SEO data.

Tonight (cause I work all day today) I'm going to add the statistics page for our site's core pages such as Privacy policy, Wiki About and create the Copyrights page. We should plan another chat. When are you available?

I got your message. Going to start deleting them when I get home tonight.

Hey Bell, sorry this reply became much longer than I originally planned, initially was thinking rather than clog up the manufacturer's page with too much stuff, I would instead link to anchors within each section in the defective item/figure page from the manufacturer's page ( a see also type of thing). This way the manufacturer's page can stick to the basic info about each company and type of figure/s they make etc., then the defective page would be more of the nitty-gritty on how they handle exchanges/repairs, email addresses, external links etc, including any bad mouthing about a manufacturer's handling of said things. Sort of like the Manufacturer's page is the showroom and the Defective info page is the garage, happy thoughts on one, not so happy ones on the other.

As far as shops and how they handles things, personally would not want to go there myself (even though I have purchased from many places over the last 15+ years or so of collecting and have experience with most) as me using this account name would imply anything I put could be construed as bias. I'll come back as a ghost writer for any of that kind of info.

For the repair part, I wasn't saying a new page, sorry I was more for expanding the info here both on the defective figure page (in case a company can offer parts as some do) and more on the display/upkeep page. Rather than links that all just lead offsite to info, would like to expand the info here to be more all encompassing without jumping ship to find out how.

As for country info, it was again more about if you live in the US use this, if you live in Europe contact this person/company, I wanted to keep it away from the Undervalue page as it does not pertain to that and have it directly on the defective page under each company name. A layout sort of like the example below;


Alter does not sell directly to most dealers or distributors outside of Japan, but instead uses non-owned distribution within Japan to sell to importers around the world who then sell directly to dealers. So the customer service chain is like this; dealer-->importer-->distributor-->Alter where it is the local importer (distribution within your country/regional area) who handles all replacements working with the dealer. Normally you would contact the dealer you purchased it from first, who could then pass on your information to the wholesaler who would then handle the replacement either thru the dealer or with you directly. If you bought the item from Amazon or eBay etc, you would see if the dealer will help you (good luck) otherwise check the item to see if it has a importer sticker on it containing the name/contact info of the importer (normally near the UPC or Japanese Safety section on the bottom/back of the box), if it does contain a sticker such as this, you can try contacting the importer to see if they will handle a replacement. Be aware that if you bought it from a non-recognized dealer you could be out of luck with both the dealer, the importer and Alter as Alter always pushes back to the importer to handle such claims.

This is just an example and not in anyway a complete section for info on Alter, as I would include country specific info where I can, links and other info within each section as well as possibly some feedback as to how well each company is to work with/what were past results. But Alter's info on replacements is very limited compared to say a Bandai, Sqaure Enix, etc and I didn't want the manufacturer's section to field this. Let me know your thoughts now that I spelled it out a little more. AnimeIsland (talk) 00:16, 25 May 2016 (UTC)

I'm starting a forum on the Guide, in the Url: I'd rather have not made this, but I see it as a quicker and effective way to get more people to join and help out in a community for buyfagging and keep the Guide constantly on update. I'll need your help on this, message me your thoughts when you get the message. Phillip (talk)

I've made an account on Discord and messaged you here, definitely a better way to keep in contact. Phillip (talk)

Bell its me phil[edit]

Bell, whats your discord name again, my account got banned. i dont want to join the server i want to stay in contact with you bro


Hi Bell figs,

I understand why you moved from "Finding interesting stuff‎‎" to "List of shops‎‎". However, my intention for is primarily to serve as a way to find new stuff to buy, and enhanced browsing of Amiami secondarily. The usage pattern it was built for is for users to enter the names of the series and/or characters and/or types of goods into the watchlist, and whenever new items or pre-owned items are added to Amiami, users would be alerted if any items match the watchlist terms. Hence, I still think it is more suited to be placed under the section of "Finding interesting stuff". Buyfriend (talk) 05:23, 22 February 2019 (PST)

= Blackship info[edit]

I feel this is speculative, misleading and unfair. Would you please consider revising it? >Blackship >...Be careful of their fees, there appear to be a large amount of them.

"Be careful" implies Blackship fees are high (or possibly lack transparency) when in fact Blakcship fees are lower than other forwarding services, like Tenso. There's so reason to imply users should "be careful" about the number of small fees. It's the total that matters. Do we need to consolidate our fees into a single line item for you to remove this warning?

Hey Bell, It's me Phillip. I wanted to know if you still have discord and if I could join the buyfags server again.