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🦄 A little bit of positivity for everyone :D

So you’ve built yourself up a nice collection and you want to show it off to the masses of people on /a/? Fear not, here are a few tips to make sure you don’t piss off people more than usual.

  • Unboxing posts

Keep unboxing pictures to around 3-4 posts. Nobody wants to see endless pictures of the packaging and only one picture of the actual figure itself. Focus your pictures on your purchase, not how it arrived. It also helps to take your pictures beforehand, in order to avoid taking 5+ minutes between posts. Keep your body parts out of it unless you want to be picked on. Avoid huge resolutions and file sizes, usually images exceeding common modern monitor resolutions are ridiculed. This applies to all photos, unboxing or otherwise. Additionally, if posting images taken on a phone, make sure you properly rotate them before posting.

  • Keep threads on topic

Buyfag threads are mostly posting what you bought, what stuff is coming out in the future, and what’s currently on sale now. Anything not related to that shouldn’t be posted or should be posted somewhere else. Topics such as “what do you guys do for a living” or “what do your parents/friends/other think about your hobby”, etc. are discouraged. Nobody really reads or cares about the responses anyway.

Feel free to post about other things you bought related to anime or manga, and not just figures. There is a wider scope to buyfaggotry than just statues/Nendoroid/figma.

  • Trolls and Shitposters

Don’t respond to them. Just report and ignore.

  • Asking for names/sources

Try a reverse image search before asking, it will often find what you are looking for.

  • Making a new thread

Wait until the previous thread is dead. If there is currently a thread up, do not make one. Use a picture of a recent figure, preferably one from a shop. Buyfag threads on /a/ enjoy a sort of unspoken privileged status, so don't rock the boat by having multiple active threads in the catalog or linking to previous threads in the OP like in a general. To avoid breaking /a/'s rules on generals, add "Buyfag thread" to the subject, do not call it a "general" or use the word "edition" in the OP. Do not link the guide in the OP but instead post a reply to the thread with a message along the lines of

Read the guide before asking any questions:

If you're feeling especially autistic, you can post a new buyfag thread and simultaneously prune the previous buyfag thread off the board if:

  1. It's already hit bump limit.
  2. It's the very last thread on Page 10 of /a/.

Do not use the catalog view to check if there's currently a buyfag thread, it lags behind the actual board by 30 seconds and someone may have already made one in the meanwhile.